College-Bound Student-Athlete Guide

NCAA recommends that prospective student athletes register online at the beginning of the senior year.  The website to register on is:

The site for general information regarding the NCAA is:

You will need to have a credit card, or follow in the instructions for paying with a check or money order.

Test scores (ACT and/or SAT) must be sent directly to the Clearinghouse from the testing agencies.  ACT or SAT scores are part of the criteria used to determine your eligibility for Division I and Division II sports in college.  NCAA no longer accepts ACT or SAT scores from high school transcripts.  You must have your scores sent directly from ACT or SAT.

LSW NCAA Approved Course List 


NAIA requires students who plan to participate in sports in the NAIA for the first time to register with NAIA Eligibility Center to have their eligibility determined.  The official NAIA website is:

Core Course

Core Course Parent Letter

Core Course GPA