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Career & Educational Planning Guide

Use this resource to pick your courses, plan your career path, and find enrollment information.

Enrollment Instructions

Need help enrolling for classes? Use these simple instructions to assist you in the enrollment process.

Core Course Information

Planning on Playing College Sports? CoreCourse GPA Assists in Meeting NCAA Requirements!

EnrollmentĀ Calendar

2019-2020 Enrollment Calendar

The 2019-2020 Enrollment Calendar outlines enrollment dates for students, parents and teachers.

Enrollment Information Slides – (By Incoming Grade-Level)

Incoming Freshman

Incoming Sophomores & Juniors

Incoming Seniors

Courses Requiring Applications

2019-2020 Class Applications

Applications are now available and are due February 14th.

*All Incoming Freshman applications are due 2/12*

Off-Campus Applications

2019-2020 Off-Campus Applications

All off-campus applications are due February 14th.

Cass Career Center Applications are available in the Counseling Center.