Academic Tutoring

Overtime/Test Make-ups – Megan Irr, Room 1291 (Monday-Friday)

  • 2:25-3:25, students coordinate with their teacher to make up a quiz/test and may leave when it’s complete.
  • Space is limited to 16 per day, so coordinating with your teacher and Mrs. Irr is critical

English Lab / Writing Center – Room 2116 (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • 2:30-3:30, provides assistance with a reading or writing assignment
  • Teacher Assignments:
    • Monday: Mary Beth Rich

    • Tuesday: April Palmer/Trisha Carney

    • Wednesday: Alisa Casady/Matt Good

    • Thursday: Nichole Schroeder

    • Subs: Mary Humphreys, Ashley Ekochu, Jen Jones