Juniors: Apply for Work Internships

Juniors, as you begin planning your senior year, have you considered a work internship? With this option you are released early to work, earn money, earn elective credits toward graduation and learn career-related job skills. No job is required to sign up.

Look for an email with more information soon and feel free to contact any of the work internship coordinators with questions.

Marketing Work Program | Ms. Howard | Room 2070 | susan.howard@lsr7.net

  • involves jobs that work directly with customers/sales  – retail stores, grocery stores, restaurant servers, cashiers, social media marketing, etc.
  • must also enroll in Marketing 101 (or an advanced Marketing class if you have already completed 101)

Supervised Business Experience | Ms. Chapman | Room 2046 | meagan.chapman@lsr7.net

  • involves office or technology type jobs – work here at LSW, SLMS or ETMS, any professional office – doctor, lawyer, insurance, financial services, etc.
  • must also enroll in full year or two semester business class

Cooperative Career Experience | Teacher TBD | susan.howard@lsr7.net or meagan.chapman@lsr7.net 

  • involves “behind the scenes” jobs – produce/product stockers, food prep/cooks, daycare workers, lifeguard, busser, animal care, etc. 
  • must also enroll in the Cooperative Career Experience (CCE) class

Enrollment is just around the corner, apply now so that you can be approved to enroll!



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