Academic Clubs

Book Club

Room: Library Conference Room
Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Taylor & Mrs. Chambers
For students who love books & want to talk about them.  We meet monthly for breakfast, coffee and good times.
All students can participate. Some book club members choose to also participate in Epsilon Beta, a state-wide student library organization. Students who participate in Epsilon Beta can also earn a varsity letter.


Room: 2081

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Ullery & Mrs. Smythia

The school news broadcast, called Titan Television, provides students with the opportunity to produce the school newscast that is aired over the safari system to the student body.  Students will be introduced to the methods and mechanics of operating video equipment.  Students will complete projects while performing the duties of anchor, director, editor, camera person, and reporter.  Students should possess a strong interest in broadcast journalism and reporting.  Students that apply should have a B average in English and a 90% attendance rate.  

Students will receive academic credit because the newscast is produced during an assigned class time.  Students will be required to attend work sessions outside of class to complete their assignments and responsibilities.

Chess Club

Room:  1229
Sponsor(s): Mr. Bailey
Chess club offers a weekly opportunity for students to gather after school and play chess.  We are open to beginners as well as tournament level players and students can join the club at anytime throughout the year.  Worried about games being too slow?  The use of Chess Clocks can keep the game briskly paced, and familiarity with their use is essential for tournament play.

Creative Writing Club

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Searls

Debate/ Forensics

Room:  2119

Sponsor(s):  Mr. Good

Forensics (including Debate) is an academic activity that engages the student in research, analysis and argumentation, public speaking, acting and interpretation, and expression. With several types of events to choose from, all students can find their special niche: reading prose and poetry, expressing drama through interpretation, arguing foreign and domestic policies, discussing philosophies and opinions, and persuading through public speaking.

Three courses are offered at LSW for students in the Forensics program. Debate I is for students who have never been involved in a debate program and are interested in debating policies, opinions, philosophies, as well as public speaking. Advanced Debate is for students who are returning to the debate program. Competitive Dramatics is for students interested in reading, acting, and interpretation, and may be taken by both novice and experienced competitors.

Students are required to attend tournaments for class evaluation as well as required for activity participation. Students will attend an average of 3 tournaments each semester, and may attend up to 10 during the regular season.  Competitors on the LSW Forensics Team also have the opportunity to become members of the National Forensics League. Some benefits of members are special awards given only by the NFL, becoming an officer and assisting the coach in managing the team, voting for team activities, and being eligible to compete at Districts for a chance to qualify to the National Tournament.

French Club

Room:  1281
Sponsor(s):  Mrs.Begnaud
French Club is for anyone interested in the culture of France or other French speaking countries.  You do not have to be in French class to join.  We watch movies, prepare food, do crafts, and go to restaurants and museums.
There is a $5 fee to join and we’ll have a fundraiser in February.
Meetings are not mandatory‐‐you come to the events you are able to attend.  There will be a different meeting or activity each month.  The dates will vary‐‐be sure to sign up for Remind for reminders
The first meeting will be in August.  Meeting dates will be posted in the French room.


Sponsor(s):  Ms. Wilson

German Club

Room:  1279
Sponsor(s): Mrs. Hume
This is a club for students in German years 1-5. We will help while students are here for the German Exchange program, cook German food, watch German films, and participate in other activities that have to do with learning about the German culture.Students will also have the opportunity to participate in the Germany Exchange trip the summer of 2015. We will meet with German Honor Society for some events.

 Math Club

Room:  1227
Sponsor(s):  Mr. Nevinski & Mrs. Gantt
Math Club is for students who are interested in exploring and having fun with mathematics.  Members are students who are at or above grade level in their high school math course who enjoy competing with with/against other students.  In the past, students participated in monthly meetings, Missouri Math League, and area math contests.

MO Fine Arts Academy

Location:  Information for applying will be at Lee’s Summit West High School beginning in the fall.  The location of the Academy is on the Missouri State University campus in Springfield.

Sponsor(s):  Mr. Rackers

The Missouri Fine Arts Academy is a three-week program for students interested in Dance, Music, Art and Theatre.   LSWHS students apply to attend the academy in Springfield.  

MO Scholars Academy

Location:  Meetings for applying will occur at Lee’s Summit High School beginning in the fall.  The location of the academy is on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus.

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Dabalos

The Missouri Scholars Academy is a three-week academic program for 330 of Missouri’s gifted students who are ready to begin their junior year in high school.  The academy is a residential program held on the campus of the University of Missouri-Columbia.

The academy reflects Missouri’s desire to strive for excellence in education at all levels.  The program is based on the premise that Missouri’s gifted youth must be provided with special opportunities for learning and personal development in order for them to realize their full potential.

With a carefully selected faculty and staff, a specially designed curriculum that focuses on the liberal arts, and a variety of stimulating extracurricular activities, the academy enables students to be part of a unique learning community. The academy provides a model that all schools can use in building or expanding their own programs for gifted students.


Room:  1229
Sponsor(s):  Aaron Bailey, Nancy Spatz, Jeff Spatz
Team Titanium brings together professional engineers and dedicated students to build a competitive robot each year.  Students have an opportunity to develop skills in business, marketing, machine design, 3D printing, metal working, electrical components, programming, public speaking, video production and much much more.  In the fall the team focuses on basic skills training, community outreach, and fundraising.  In the spring the team has an intense 6 week build season followed by several weekend competitions which may include out of state travel.  Team Titanium has a tradition of excellence and is considered one of the best robotics programs in the world.Application process to join the team.
Participation requirements to travel to tournaments.

Role Playing Club

Sponsor(s):  Ms. Taylor

Scholar Bowl

Room:  1279
Sponsor(s):  Julie Hume, Jeff Nevinski
Scholar Bowl is a competitive team that participates throughout the year in quiz bowls. We practice once a week and compete around 15 times during the year.
All students can participate. Placement on teams will depend on attendance and performance.

Science Bowl

Sponsor(s):  Ms. Bailey & Mr. Gray


Sponsor(s):  Mr. Smith

Spanish Club

Room: 1282
Sponsor:  Mrs. Lane
Spanish Club is open to students in any Spanish class as well as others interested in the culture of Spanish speaking countries.  We will play games, take field trips, cook food, celebrate holidays and watch movies.

Student Senate

Room:  1232
Sponsor(s): Mrs. Hartman & Mr. Shortino
The purpose of Student Senate is to establish a working relationship between the student body and the administration, to develop a forum for student voice and channels for student involvement, to provide evidence of good citizenship, scholarship and leadership, and to provide orderly direction of school activities.
All freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 that have passed all classes the previous semester and are currently enrolled in at least five classes are welcome to join Student Senate.

Westside Stage

Room:  1043
Sponsor(s): Brad Rackers
West Side Stage is the Theatre club here at West.  The group holds fundraisers, attends shows and participates in socials with other schools throughout the district.  West Side Stage is a great way for students to learn more about theatre and get involved with a great group of people.
Payment of dues and participation in shows and events.

Youth in Government

Room:  2191
Sponsor(s):  Mr. Williams & Ms. Ireland
Mock government in Jefferson City.
All students can participate.