Athletic Clubs


Sponsor(s): Varsity- Ms. Setley & Pyle, Junior Varsity- Ms. Jones & Mrs. Hill

Time Commitment:

Weekly:  1-2 practices (2 hrs) per week

Daily during competition season – 3 hour practices for 3-4 weeks.  

Cheer for Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Girls & Boys Basketball.

MSHSAA Start Date:  When tryouts are complete

Procedure for Joining:  Tryouts in March/April time frame for the following school year


Location:  Room 1106 or designated location (AUX gym, etc.)

Sponsor:  Bob Klausing

Procedure for Joining: Attend Tuesday morning meetings.  There is a $5.00 dues fee which goes toward a variety of expenditures by LSW FCA which include snacks, fees for guest speakers, supplies, etc.

Description:  FCA provides an opportunity for students/athletes to share with others, explore their common Christian faith, and have a positive impact on their school and community.


Sponsor:  Elizabeth Kuene & Kelly Gantt

This is an audition group.  All LSW students are welcome to try-out.

This is a year-round activity.  Practices are held twice a week in the evenings.  Members of the Guard team will need to have Saturdays free for marching band competitions and Winterguard Festival.  There are competitions throughout the year.  

Auditions are held in the spring of the year.

LSW Guard is a performance team that combines elements of music, dance, precision and manipulation of equipment – flags, rifles, and sabers, while moving around the performance area.  The Guard performances include: fall season on the football field with the Titan Pride Marching Band, winter season at boys and girls basketball games, Winterguard Festivals around the state, Winterguard International Regional Competitions and the Mid-Continent Color Guard Association State Championships.

Practices are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6–9 PM.  This is a year round activity with performances throughout the school year.

LSW Paintball Club

Room:  184
Sponsor(s): Mr.Rasdall & Mr.Switzer
LSW Paintball Club activities are strenuous exercise and promote an active lifestyle. This club’s main goal is to have fun! All LSW students are eligible to participate; no previous experience is necessary. Clubs begin early in September. Times to meet will be announced. 2-3 outings each semester will be planned. Additionally, outings and competitions with other high schools are planned.

LSWHS Stepperz

Room:  1253
Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Manning
A group of students who promote school spirit and pride throughout our high school using the art of step and chant.  Students will attend a workshop to learn some basic steps but will need to try out to make final performances throughout the school year. Stepperz practice twice a week and sometimes more the week before the performance.

Martial Arts Club

Room:  172
Sponsor(s):  Mr. Marble
The first half of the year the martial arts club will be focusing on realistic self-defense strategies to protect yourself from an attacker.  What to do if someone grabs you, tries to pull you into a car, punches or kicks you, etc.
The second half of the year we will learn “Kali”.  This includes using and defending against sticks and other objects in an attacker’s hands.

NASP Archery Club

Room:  1205
Sponsor(s):  Mr. Winslow, Mr .Wieland
Welcome to Archery at LS West! We will be offering multiple options for students this year including NASP competition archery. Come on out and experience our fun and exciting shooting sport!  All students can participate.

Titan Fishing Club

Room:  1202
Sponsor(s): Mrs. Burke
This is a new club at Lee’s Summit West for students who are interested in fishing.  Participants will compete in Jr. Bass Fishing tournaments with a partner.  More information will be shared at the club rush presentation.


Room:  1214
Sponsor(s):  Mr. Meyer & Mr. Klene
Club that meets in the fall and shoots once a week on Wednesdays at Lake Lotawana after school for 7 meetings.  There will be at least 3 other options to compete against other schools on Saturdays.
Must Have: Hunters safety number, $75, 20 or 12 gauge shotgun, 50 shotgun shells a week, Be available on Wednesdays from 2:30pm till 5:30 pm, Mature attitude
There is also a Fall Trapmasters that meets in the Fall that is similar, Mr. Meyer and Mr. Klene are the sponsors.

Westside Girls

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Hartman

Time Commitment:  Practice twice a week for 2 hours.  Performances include all home football games and selected soccer, volleyball, and girls and boys basketball games.

Procedure for Joining:  Tryouts are in March for the following school year.